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Fruits / Vegetable Processing

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Powder Processing

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Liquid Processing

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Meat Processing

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Coconut Processing

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Specialized processor

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Baked goods

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Food service equipment

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Upcoming Events

March 10 -12: WOFEX (Baguio City)                             August 3-6: WOFEX (World Trade Center, Pasay)
May 31-June2: SIAL (World Trade Center, Pasay)      September 7-10: AFEX (World Trade Center, Pasay)
June 8-12: MAFBEX (World Trade Center, Pasay)      September 8-10: Davao Expo (Davao City)
June 30-July 2: Cebu Food Expo (Cebu City)

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AFEX 2015

For more than two decades of staging, ASIA FOOD EXPO delivers the best showcase for the food and beverage industry, be it raw materials, ingredients, processing equipments, packaging and handling machineries. AFEX carry the goal of serving the Food Industry, its investors and entrepreneurs.

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Bakery Fair

Bakery Fair Philippines is the most anticipated event among the people in the baking and food service industry. From the successful bakery entrepreneurs to small home based bakery owners, from international and local baking related professionals to traders, from students and faculties to bread enthusiasts in different regions of the country, all gathered together to experience this exquisite occasion and for the passion of baking.

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In the Philippines, there are only ahandful of companies which is geared towards supplying locally-produced high quality food processing equipment. One of the major suppliers of the said products is Almedah Food Machineries Corp. (named after the Father of the Filipino Inventors - Mr. Benjamin G. Almeda, Sr.) which was founded on 1954. The Almedah Food Equipment brand has been widely known throughout the Philippines and around the world, and has already undergone well-over thousands of projects since its founding year. The Almedah Food Equipment brand has been cited in a number of articles to be one of the most successful Filipino brands in the Food Equipment Industry and it is also known worldwide for its notable quality and the innovativeness of its products. However, given the passing of time and Almedah’s numerous changes in management, the Fil-Chin Engineering (FCE) Group of Companies, also a widely known local fabricator of food processing equipment,has decided toacquire (as of July of 2013)Almedah Food Machineries Corp. as one of its subsidiaries, in agreement with Almedah’s top management. This is the rationale behind the establishment of a new company named Buy N Earn (BNE) Food Machineries and Technology Inc.

Buy N Earn (BNE) Food Machineries and Technology Inc. or "BNE" is a small-medium scale company that deals with the local manufacture of different food processing equipment for the establishment ofrestaurants, kiosks, food commissaries, and processing facilities. BNE’s products and service includes setting up and designing of food processing lines and machineries, repair of existing machines, and the manufacture of equipment for different food processes like drying, grinding, shredding, frying, grilling, broiling, steaming, homogenizing, pulverizing, baking, proofing, mixing and blending, and a lot more.

With Fil-Chin Engineering Group of Companies’ overwhelming support, BNE has taken a formidable stance in the industry by being one of the few companies to offer locally fabricated "complete systems" and prime machineries that cover all aspects of food processing. In general, the Company’s main objective is to provide high quality locally-produced products and services for both the Philippine and International market. BNE encourages local fabrication of high quality food equipment to promote higher employment rates for fellow Filipinos and to lessen the costs burdened by the local Clients through fees related to importation and international after-sales services.

BNE also boasts the presence of its In-House Engineering team which uses the latest software for equipment designs. Through this, designers and engineers can design appropriate systems for each type of requirement. Moreover, having the current BNE team of Engineers and skilled Technicians and through the full support of Fil-Chin Engineering Group of Companies, BNEcan clearly see its path and targets to become even better at providing for the demand of its respective consumers.

BNE is committed to deliver fair, honest, and reliable service for Total Food Processing Solutions, working for customer satisfaction based on experience and dedication to service.

It has been stated in the previous section that since 1954, Almedah Food Machineries Corp. has already been dedicated to satisfy the food processing equipment needs and requirements worldwide. This is one of the main reasons why the Fil-Chin Engineering Group of Companiesdecided to acquire and rename Almedah Food Machineries Corp. and build up its very own food equipment fabrication company (BNE Food Machineries and Technology Inc.)which will satisfy the food processing requirements that can be locally fabricated.

The four reasons behind the name and logo of "Buy N Earn (BNE) Food Machineries and Technology Inc." are very basic. First, the management wanted to establish a name which showed what it truly means to buy a machine or equipment from BNE - "Buy a machine and Earn in return". Second, the management wanted to establish an immediate impression as to what the company’s nature of business is which is to fabricate "food machineries". Third, the management wanted to show product and service innovation paving the way to "technology". Lastly, the management wanted the logo to reflect a semi-circular configuration which depicts the world. Within the design are embodies two curvi-linear strokes to imbue a sense of dynamic energy motion - representing power. The letters


BNE’s mission is to provide on-time total food processing solutions to its customers based on commitment, reliability, and experience - "Our business puts people in business".


To be the leading fabricator of food processing equipment for the Asia-Pacific Region by 2020. The company management aims to do this by placing more emphasis on quality and innovation of products. It aims to undergo and implement extensive Kaizen or continuous improvement techniques and to engage further in research and development strategies to promote lower costs for higher quality products and services. By 2020, BNE will be able to expand its range of products to satisfy all food processing requirements for all companies.

Core Belief

The company’s core belief is centered in its faith inGod Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour, Integrity as the foundation, customer satisfaction as its goal, and professionalism as its way of life.

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Marilyn M. Chua

President and CEO - BNE

Keith Henrich M. Chua

Vice President for Operations - BNE

Sherwynn M. Chua

Vice President for Finance - BNE

Ebert M. Chua

Vice President for Operations - FCEEI

Brilliant M. Chua

Vice President for Operations - TCMI

Alex Wang

Technology Consultant

Marie Usman

Purchasing Manager

Melyn Legaspi

Purchasing Associate

Justin Chua

Sales Manager

Marelyn Pojas

Sales Associate

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2337 Dalaga St., Gagalangin, Tondo 1013

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Ms. Justin / Ms. Marelyn

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