Almedah Food Machineries Corporation has its humble beginnings in 1954 when Mr. Benjamin G. Almeda, Sr., founded the Almeda Cottage Industry which manufactured then his basic food processing inventions like Rice Grinder, Meat Grinder and Coconut Grater. Aside from Mr. Almeda’s inherent talent for original designs and inventions, he has the social driving vision of putting up a business which puts other people in business. For all of these he earned the title of Father of the Filipino Inventors and other prestigious awards.

Almeda Cottage Industry products could be found in the entire stretch of our nation from north to south. In the public markets, restaurants, school canteens, food stalls and even in households further attesting to its social motto of  “OUR BUSINESS PUTS PEOPLE IN BUSINESS”. This time, most visible are the Ice Crushers, Grinders, Shredders, Hamburger Grills, Hotdog Rollers, Waffle Cookers and Bibingka Ovens.\r\n\r\nWith the boom of Food Industry in the latter part of 80’s and the subsequent change in the eating habits of the Filipinos, it became imperative that new strategies and more efficient approach to processing and preparation of food derivatives be employed. This saw the influx of foreign based food companies bringing in the latest and technologically advance food machineries. As a natural consequence, the local entrepreneurs in food business sourced their equipments from these foreign companies notwithstanding the high cost of the equipments, the duties and taxes of importation and the problem of post sales service and availability of parts. This natural phenomenon happened not because of prejudice for equipments that are locally made but because there is just no manufacturing company in the Philippines that is technologically capable of the more demanding needs of these boom in Food Industry.

As a consequence, Carlos, the youngest son of Mr. Almeda, came in the forefront of the family business to meet the demands and challenges of the modern technologies, proving once more that a Filipino can compete in the global demands of Food Industry. In October 1986, Mr. Benjamin G. Almeda who was 76 years old by then, finally relinquished full control of Almeda Cottage Industry to Carlos, who was by then a young physician by profession. He was given preference over his older brothers who were all engineers by profession because he showed sincere concern for the family business and his natural and inborn technological talents and marketing savvy inspite of the demands of his profession as a physician. With his assumption, possessing an uncanny ability for designing equipment that would put professional engineers to shame and coupled with a passion for excellence and a natural feel for market forces, he embued in the company a spirit of dynamism and unflinching competitiveness. In order to attain accuracy and precision, he bought computerized machineries for design and manufacturing, the same kind that were used by his foreign based competitors. These bold and ambitious steps and undertakings propelled the company back on the road to regaining the lead in the manufacture of food processing equipments which ALMEDAH FOOD MACHINERIES CORP. is today. Without discarding any of its original products and equipments, he added not only new line of specialty equipments but also complete manufacturing system for food industry. What used to be a monopoly of foreign based companies found an unwavering local competition.

Lately, to unshackle the company from dependence on imported parts that had to be incorporated into its equipments, Dr. Almeda has taken up a crusade to manufacture such parts locally and more incredibly to do everything in-house without the need for outside contractors. Single handedly, with only a basic knowledge of electronics, he himself designed, assembled and put to use such controls as thermostats, timers and various printed circuit boards that heretofore were absent even in imported products. Thus available now are completely locally manufactured equipments from ALMEDAH FOOD MACHINERIES CORP like steam jacketed kettles, convection ovens, pressure steamers, braising pans, ribbon blenders, catalytic fryers, vertical cutters, emulsifiers and pulverizers to name a few. From its humble beginning more than forty years ago, our equipments and machines are now presently used by the leaders in food industry in the Philippines, to name a few, viz: fast food chain like Chowking Food Corp., Greenwich Pizza Corp., Jollibee Foods Corporation, Andok’s Litson Corp., Flaming Hot Food; soap and cosmetics manufacturer like Optimus Ind’l. Dev., Inc., Kawsek Inc., Antipolo Pharma; bakeshop/bakeries like the Goldilock’s Bakeshop, Clarmil Bakeshop, TJN Pasalubong (Bulacan), Dane’s Bakeshop (Baguio City); multinational companies i.e. Nestle Phil. Inc., Monde Nissin Corp., Zest-O Corp.; squidball and fishball processor like the Golden Peacock, AFI Int’l., Cyn-cyn Food Prod.; food flavorings/seasonings manufacturer like Purechem Corp., Yukon Comm’l., Mix Plant; supermarkets like Uniwide Sales, Inc., Gaisano Group (Visayas and Mindanao), Iloilo Supermarket (Iloilo City),Fitmart (Mindanao); Mekeni Food Prod., Filia Foods, Inc., Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name, Gourmet Foods, school/office canteens, and market stall owners who have provided the motivation and foundation for this enterprise.

As it is turning out to be, ALMEDAH FOOD MACHINERIES CORPORATION has become more than just a food equipment company but rather a precision manufacturing engineering firm for many facets and aspects of business, industry and daily life. Given the necessary support and patronage of the government for something which is truly Filipino technology, we can go to the heights of anything that is achievable, something we can truly be proud as our own and truly Filipino.

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